17. How to Register RHEL/OEL Linux to Oracle Support (ULN) using up2date

Saturday, December 5th 2015. | SysAdmin, tutorial

17. How to Register RHEL/OEL Linux to Oracle Support (ULN) using up2date –

Question: I have purchased Linux support for RHEL and OEL from Oracle corporation. How do I register my Linux system to Oracle support network to download and update packages? Can you explain me with step-by-step instruction?

Answer: After purchasing Linux support from Oracle, you should register your Linux system with Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux Network using up2date utility as explained in this article.

1. Launch up2date –register Wizard

Type the following from the command line, which will invoke the “Unbreakable Linux Network Registration” wizard as shown below.

# up2date --register

2. Register to Oracle ULN using Oracle CSI Number

If you already have a uid/pwd to the ULN network, enter it here. If you don’t have an existing account on ULN, the uid/pwd information you enter in this step will be used to create a new account for you.

Make sure to enter a valid CSI number. When you purchased the Linux support from Oracle, you would’ve received a CSI number.

3. Register a System Profile – Hardware Info

The up2date will automatically collect the following information about your system and use this to create a system profile.

  • Hostname
  • IP-address
  • Memory Size
  • CPU Model and Speed
  • RHEL or OEL Version

4. Register a System Profile – Packages Info

The up2date will automatically collect information about all the installed packages and associate it with the corresponding system profile. later this info is used to determine whether a package needs to be updated or not.

5. Send Profile Information to Oracle Network ( ULN )

On the confirmation screen, click on Next to send the profile information ( including hardware and packages info ) to Oracle’s ULN.

Make sure your system can talk to linux.oracle.com. If not, this step will fail.

6. RHEL / OEL Registration Successful with ULN

Once the registration is completed, you’ll get the following confirmation screen.



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